A letter from Mr. Andy Combs on our recent mission trip to Xpujil, Mexico


Last night, we returned from our fourth and final trip this summer to do cistern building in Xpujil with Todd Luke and the church from Castilla Brito. Everything went extremely well (except for a couple of unwelcomed flat tires) and the group was able to get 3 cisterns near completion in Polo Norte and helped finish some cistern tops in La Lucha. This team consisted of Ray Rowland and Bill Hooker from Balmoral, who were there last year and are now “seasoned cistern builders”! The first-timers included Olivia Butler from Rhodes (via contact with Evergreen) and Mary Lennox Halfacre and Neal Horner from Germantown. Todd could not stop bragging about the large amount of work that this team turned out in 4 days on the job.

With Todd’s exposure to a Georgia group of 16 and 4 Mid South Presbytery teams of 24 different people, his “southern accent ” is really getting more pronounced. His family back home in Chicago are starting to have a little trouble understanding everything he says. But last week someone said they were FIXIN to git a SWIG of water and set and BLOW a minute and Todd understood every word they said. I think that’s real progress!!

Things were good at Castilla Sunday. Everyone got to see Victor, Raul, and Philipe all cleaned up for church. After  church we were able to buy some honey and hammocks. Dry weather is a major concern there now concerning their crops. Chile pepper price is low this year so many of them are trying Chigua which is a gourd-type plant that is full of seed. The seed are harvested, roasted, and sold as a snack (similar to  sun flower seed in the US). If rain does not come soon,this dry weather will significantly decrease their yields, especially their corn which is their main source of food for their families.

The ladies in Castilla are making hammocks to help supplement their family’s income ( helpful in light of the anticipated poor harvest this fall). I brought 5 hammocks home and have 3 left. If anyone would like to buy one please let me know and I will use that money to buy more hammocks this fall.

We were all blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of what God is doing through this ministry. It seems like we come home physically tired but spiritually refreshed and very thankful for His many blessings. As they say frequently, “Gracias a Dios”.